Ease Your Dental Anxiety

Many people experience anxiety surrounding visiting the dentist. Northeast Arkansas Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery provides IV sedation dentistry in a safe, respectful, and compassionate environment so you can feel more at ease.

What Is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is administered directly into your arm or hand.

With IV sedation, patients breathe independently while their breathing and heart rate are monitored and are still responsive to your doctor’s prompts.

Benefits of IV Sedation

Dr. McDonough, Dr. Phillips, and our team care about your experience and want you to feel comfortable. The benefits of IV sedation include:

  • Feel calm and relaxed during your dental visit.
  • Take care of complex procedures in a single visit.
  • Catch up on years of putting off dental visits.
  • A licensed nurse anesthetist administers IV sedation.
  • Depth of sleep is monitored and tailored to your needs. You’ll awaken alert and ready to go on with your day.

What to Expect from IV Sedation

First, we’ll insert a small needle into a vein near the surface of your skin, usually in your arm or the back of your hand. This is connected to a tube where the medicine will flow and stay in place throughout your procedure.

As the drugs take effect, your body will completely relax and feel at ease. IV sedation has a quick onset, so we’ll take care of your dental work once it does its job.

Is IV Sedation Safe?

As with any sedation procedure, there are some risks involved. However, working with an experienced doctor like Dr. McDonough or Dr. Phillips minimizes these risks and gives you the best outcome.

Our team of experts has the proper education, certification, and permits to use IV sedation at Northeast Arkansas Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. When proper steps are taken, sedation dentistry is considered safe to use—even for children!

Risks of IV Sedation Dentistry

Not everyone is a candidate for dental sedation. Risks that could lead to complications include certain medications, obstructive sleep apnea, heart conditions, or weight.

At your appointment, Dr. McDonough, Dr. Phillips, and our NACOMS team will help you determine whether sedation is right for you.

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Learn More About IV Sedation

If you experience anxiety about visiting the dentist, IV sedation could be an option to help you get the care you need with peace of mind. Contact our Jonesboro office and schedule an appointment with Dr. McDonough or Dr. Phillips to learn more.